Volunteers are Needed!

Now is your chance to help Harvard College shape the next generation of graduates. 

Volunteer to be a state admission interviewer.

Despite a huge increase in applications to Harvard College from Wisconsin in recent years (202 in 2007 to 297 in 2017), our club members continue to interview most applicants.  Approximately 80 Harvard College alums are involved in this effort, but in all geographic areas, and especially the less urban ones, we need additional interviewers.


For most of us, it is a delight to meet and chat with some of the best and brightest high school seniors in the state.  The mechanics are not difficult. In November through about mid-January, you will receive an assignment by email. You have until early February to complete the interview. You submit a report using an online form from the Harvard Admissions Office website.  This form will have all the information you need to complete the interview.


When you get an assignment you call the student to arrange a time and place to meet. The interviews take only a half-hour to an hour. You choose the meeting place, usually someplace “neutral” like a coffee shop, library or, if preferred, you can meet at a high school. Guidance Counselors and College Placement Officers are happy for you to meet the student and to arrange a room for you to conduct the interview.


I urge you to GET INVOLVED! If you are interested, please email wspars@gmail.com or call 262-377-6685 to discuss. 

This is important work and a great opportunity to become involved with the Club.


Stuart Parsons

Chair, Schools & Scholarships Committee

Harvard Club of Wisconsin