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Don Lee

New President of the Harvard Club of Wisconsin

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you as your new President of the Harvard Club of Wisconsin. I want to thank all of our members for your support and engagement, and especially want to thank Liz Jackson for her leadership of HCW for the past few years. Many wonderful memories were generated from the meetings and events at HCW, and I have photos on my Facebook page to prove it! The Club has allowed me to maintain great friendships and make new ones over the years.


One of my fondest moments was receiving my acceptance letter in the mail from Harvard College. I remember the day well because it occurred on my birthday: December 19, 1990. I looked for my Mom, and we received the wonderful news together. Then I called my Dad and told him the news. I don’t know who was happier: him or me.


One of my mentors at Harvard was Professor Paul Peterson. He taught Gov 30 which was the introductory course for gov majors, and I took his spring course as a first-year in 1992. I later became his research assistant and he was my advisor for my senior honor thesis focusing on the Medicaid program. Imagine my thrill when nearly 20 years later, on February 24th, 2011, on behalf of the Harvard Club of Wisconsin, I invited Professor Peterson to talk about his new book Saving Schools at the MSOE’s Grohmann Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


As everyone knows, we live in unprecedented times, and everyone needs to do their part during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, I gave a presentation to HCW on COVID and my experiences working on the frontlines. As an internal medicine hospitalist, I have treated patients with COVID-19, and it still remains the case that it is best to not get the virus in the first place. There are ways to mitigate the risk of getting the virus, and when we get a vaccine, it will be very important for everyone to get vaccinated. It does not take a person with a Harvard Public Health School degree (which I happen to have) to believe that vaccinations will be an important part in fighting this virus.


Most importantly, HCW leadership is looking for new thoughts and ideas about future events and topics going forward. Here are a couple of them listed below:

  • The HCW will plan an event that will take the place of the Harvard Yale Game in November, possibly November 24th. Stay tuned. 
  • We will continue to partner with the Harvard Business School Club of Wisconsin, other Ivy League Clubs, and develop a partnership with the MIT Alumni Club. 
  • We encourage alumni to sign up as Harvard Interviewers. 
  • Dues are used to support undergraduate scholarships and activities of the Harvard Club of Wisconsin. The Harvard Club of Wisconsin has its own website. Learn more about the club at

Global networking night is always a treat. The next HBS Global Networking Night is October 21, 2020. Look for more information on the website as it becomes available.


Thank you again for being a part of the Harvard Club of Wisconsin. 





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